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Carmine Beauty Box

Beauty Boxes
For a while now I've been trying to decide which of the beauty box companies I wanted to subscribe to, through watching youtubers reviews and researching the websites I felt there were 3 main choices, each slightly different in their desired customer aim as well as included products.

£10 a month plus £2.95 P+P
'5 luxury product miniatures from high-end brands'
One of the things I like about glossybox is for every completed product survey you post on the website you receive 20 glossydots, once you then reach 1000 your next glossybox is free of charge.

£10 a month plus £2.75 P+P
'5 hand picked deluxe product miniatures delivered each month from makeup to skincare to fragrance'
Similarly to glossybox there is ways of receiving a free box with carmine, the 'my carmine' tab on the website allows you to gain points, once you reach 50 points your next carmine box is free of charge. To gain points you either refer new subscribers or purchase gifts which is where you can buy either a single box as a gift or subscriptions of 3/ 6 or 12 months.
Carmine also has a youtube channel and blog which I think is nice for subscribers to feel part of a beauty community, not just recieve products each month and thats the end of it.

Boudoir Prive/ JolieBoxUK,
£10 a month plus £2.95 P+P
'Recieve 5-6 deluxe size samples each month'
A difference with Boudoir Prive compared to the other 2 boxes is that they have a shop on the website which enables you to purchase all the full sized products youve tried out in your box without having to go out and find them in the shops or online.
Boudoir Prive includes slightly higher range products and will include brands you might not necisarily of heard of which some people may like whereas others will prefer to have heard of the brands which they are receiving.

Which one did I chose?
After looking into the 3 companies above I chose to subscribe to Carmine :)
I was stuck between GlossyBox and Carmine but made my decision through a few different reasons, I chose agaisnt Boudoir Prive because I wanted products which I'd heard of and more reasonably priced full size products.
The first reason behind choosing Carmine was that fleurdeforce on youtube (one of my favourite beauty youtubers) is the video host for Carmine, this means she goes out and interviews different companies and beauty specialists for beauty tips and tricks and information on products which are in your beauty boxes. The second reason was that when I was looking through the past boxes and what they included, overall I preferred the choices of Carmine boxes over Glossybox, of course this is personal preference and why I chose to do that extra bit of research before making a decision.
I also really like the blog side to Carmine, this includes, articles on celebs, beauty tips, behind the scenes and articles on events, shopping, etc. I like this becuase it makes me feel more innvolved with the company.

Onto the Box!
So, after choosing Carmine, once I had signed up to the website I was offered the choice of whether I wanted the January Box as my first delivery or wait for the February Box. I thought it was good I was given the choice, and because I was able to see what was in the January box ( as well as already knowing through watching youtube videos) I wanted the January Box because there was 2 products I was particularly interested in recieving!
I subscribed to the website and my January Box was shipped out on Tuesday 7th, with estimated delivery to be the 14th, however it came today! :)

These were the 2 products I was most excited about and the reason I went for the January Box instead of waiting for the February which is estimated to be delivered on the 22nd February.
EYEKO fat eye stick in Black
'Take it from us, this chubby stick of soft, creamy colour does double duty as a liner and a shadow to create the perfect smokey eye that will never go out of style.
This is priced at £10 RRP and available to purchase at the link Ive included above. Theres 6 choices of colour; Black, Petrol Blue, Chocolate Brown, Charcoal, Satin Taupe and Old Gold.
As I only received my box today I haven't tried this out yet apart from swatching it on the back of my hand, just like the description included in the box it really is super amazingly soft and glides on with a real glossy finish unless smudged or blended out which I think will create a gorgeous smokey eye. Once I've tried this out a few times I will definately do a proper review and include in a makeup tutorial which I will post up on my youtube channel. I know that not everybox had the same colour which I think is a nice idea of them as everyone will be testing out different colours, I really like the look of the satin taupe and the old gold, would have been nice to try out a liner other than a black but still very pleased.

Eldora False Eyelashes, B162
'If you havent already flirted with falsies, this is the year to do it! Whether youre going for a bit of extra length or a subtle touch of sparkle, Eldora's false eyelashes are the perfect way to turn up the glam'
From what I can see on the website shop their eyelashes range from £3.90-£12.90 depending on the style your going for. Theres SO many! I was actually quite suprised that the more basic lashes are only £3.90 I thought they'd be alot more. The website states they have more 200 different types of handmade lashes to choose from! Within my carmine box I also receieved a 50% off code to use on the Eldora website when spending £15 or more which is a crazy discount that I may to take up on once I've tried out these ones. I like that the ones I received are quite natural looking and will just enhance my natural lashes, I have pretty long eyelashes already so never really wear false eyelashes but recently been getting into them a bit more so definately excited to trial these :)

Other products in the box; Korres Wild Rose 24hr Moisterising & Brightening Cream
Balance Me Radiance Face Oil
Westlab Himalayan Pink Bath Salts

Overall I'm really impressed with my first Carmine box :) super quick delivery, really like the packaging and very happy with the products. Now to wait to see what the next box will bring! I'm more excited about the next box because of not knowing whats going to be inside!
If anyones interested in furthur reviews on the products I will most probably do a review once Ive tried them all out or perhaps include it along with another post, so keep watch out!

P.S, Theres another company with a new beauty box on its way! Stay tuned as I will have more information for you all soon! :) exciting stuff xx

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