Monday, 21 May 2012

Sister Love and Tattoo Idea

A sisters love is forever

Me and Danni have always been close sisters, we dont fight like most siblings, just the occasional stupid argument like who got to sit in the front seat or what game we were going to play. She's 3 years and 8 days older me so our birthdays are just a week apart, and she has always been there for me no matter what. We used to share a room when we were little but as we turned into teenagers I got my own room but we still next door to each other. Then as she finished college and moved onto university I had to get used to her not being around. It was hard to begin with, it hurt most that I actually got used to living as an only child and then when she would return for a few weeks I would find it hard having to share the house again as it seemed.
A few months ago she got her dream job, a lead singer on a cruise ship, and off she sailed. You think Id be used to her being away from home after 4 years but this seems harder than any of that. Its because of this Ive decided I want to get a tattoo in the thought of her :)

These are some exisiting tattoo designs I have found, I love the font of 'Lucy&Orla', this typography is written by artist Betsy Dunlap, and the tattoo was comissioned because the father loved her writing style, and i can see why! Im half temped to contact her about my own.

At the moment this is the design I want written on the top of my thigh, at first I wanted her name written on my wrist (which is still a possibility) but I figure on my thigh its not majorly going to be seen, unless in shorts or a bikini, its slightly more hidden and personal which I think is nice.
In the photo of my leg above you can see faintly where I attempted to see what it would really look like, I did this by writing the design out backwards on celotape in a fine liner and then pressing it onto my skin. Sounds silly I know but I just reeeallly wanted to know what it would look like. First impressions are good! Il keep you posted on if my ideas change and when I get the real thing done!

Im off to see her on the 19th June and would absolutely love to have it done by then to show her but we'll see how it goes! Im not so good with the pain thing haha.
Do you have any tattoos? Is it meaningful like this or just an image you love? :)


  1. Aww I have 2 brothers and I always wished to have a sister hehe

    I have 3 tattoos, one on my arm which is the most obvious one is of a geisha that my friend Liz designed and tattooed for me, its not finished yet but I had the majority of it all done in one sitting which took 4 hours! So shouldnt take long to finish it off now, I had the first sitting last summer.
    I also have a tattoo of a black heart with a lightning bolt through it on the top of my leg and a shooting star on the bottom of my back (thats tiny though hehe) which I had when I was 17 lol

    None of them really mean anything to me, but the one on my arm was specifically designed for me with things like butterflys and flowers added in and I gave her ideas for the colours and what I wanted my geisha to look like (the french movie amelie)

    Anyway I could talk all day about tattoos lol


    1. 90% I'm getting mine tomorrow afternoon! Not going with the text above though I've designed two swallows with the words love and sisters :) if I do get it done il be doing a blog post on it so keep an eye out :D very scared and excited! Do you have a blog post on your tattoos? X