Friday, 2 March 2012

Clip on Ponytail

Ever since I had my hair cut considerably shorter I have always worn extensions when I feel I want back that luxurious long thick hairstyle. I've always just worn clip ins but recently my sister brought a few of these amazing pieces as she is a lead singer on a cruise ship so these come in extremely handy and she has to wear them for her performances. I had a look round town yesterday and found this for just £12! Im not sure its human hair but if its not its AMAZING quality and soo soft! It feels better quality than my hair extensions which are human hair. I had to dye my hair a shade darker to match this beaut but it wasnt until I got it home I didnt realise quite how long it was. Because its a layered piece I chopped off the longest layer of hair (not quite 'chopped', I was careful and neat of course) which led it to be the length you see above. However I still think its still slightly too long to get away with? Not sure whether to get rid of another layer or not, maybe I'll have to wear it for an outing and see how it goes.
       How to put it in - (p.s, my natural hair comes to just past my shoulders) It may look scary and confusing but trust me its EASY! so much easier than clipping in a million hair extensions in individual layers haha. So to begin with you simply put your hair up into a bun, how high up on your head is completely down to personal taste and probably worth some time playing around with. Then apply the cirle (bottom left image above) this has 2 hairgrips in the top and bottom which you need to slide into your bun to help secure it in place.
Then once its over your bun there is a drawstring which you cant see in the images above, however press down the small clip which opens up the drawstring it tighten it as much as you can around the base of the hairpiece. Obviously this will leave the elastic string dangling down which you definately dont wanna forget about hiding! I've found the best way is to wrap it around the hair and use a hairgrip/ bobbi pin to secure it under the hair/ inside the hairpiece, and your done! Amazing, gorgeous thick ponytail. I love mine the style I purchased it in, but if you feel you want to adjust the style just be sure to use a heat protectant when using any hot tools such as straightners or curlers :) Happy hair styling! x


  1. looks really great, i got my hair cut some time ago too and wait for it to grow long again.

    1. I'd definately recommend one of these if you love long hair like me! Unfortunately I had my hair dyed quite a bit lighter yesterday so now this (and my clip in extensions) dont match :( Ive decided I'm going to cut down how much I use heat on my hair and help it grow :)

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